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What is CRPD?

CRPD is non profitable organization founded by founder of ATC.
Memorizing the Nobel Al Quran under CRPD Blind School
CAD Training for SSC passed Deaf and Dump
CAD Training for Educated Accidental Crippled / disable (conditional).

Goals and Objectives:

For improving living standard of the Disable people of Bangladesh, at all spheres of life, the objective of this organization will be as follows
**Computer Training – Word processing and graphics those who have both hand active
**Rehabilitation – AutoCAD Drafting Training for the Deaf and Dumb Disable
**Handicraft – for the inability to read and write
**Treatment facilities
**Games & Sports
**Cultural activities and
to establish a sustainable society to make them self-sufficient/ self-reliant along with the provision of the credit service facilities to their families as well.

Some Words From The Founder of CRPD

We are pleased to inform you on behalf of Center for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Organization are involved in implementing welfare-oriented services for the disable. The organization was registered with the Department of Social Services, Dhaka, and no-Dha-002266, under Social Welfare Ministry of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.
It is obviously true that, Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries of the world. Recent statistics shows, about one crore and forty lacs of her people are handicapped, forty lacs of them, are exclusive Blind Handicapped. You may know that Disable people of this country, mostly rooted from ultra poor family; those who have more appetite than the dinner they have. Still they are to maintain their livelihood by begging alms from door to door and collecting papers from road to road. They are extremely deprived of their real rights, needs and benefits from the society and the state even. As a result, these most vulnerable groups are neglected, disabled, disadvantaged and fortune afflicted, of course, considered and identified as the burden of the society.
It Bangladesh, this groups have no enough opportunity to receive education, training and employment scope at the level of govt. semi-govt. autonomous. Semi-autonomous and private organizations. Nevertheless, about four hundreds blind students are now studying at different School, College and University; enduring tremendous sufferings, deep pains, and a lot of difficulties. They always suffer from lack of proper educational equipment, and financial assistance, though they are extraordinary meritorious, got no expected result/ outcome/ output from the govt. and the society and the Same Situation in happening for other disable like At present there are 150 bind students studying in the Dhaka University Braille equipment and sufficient financial assistance are needed for them in such a hazardous situation In fact, this country has no enough financial capacity to resolve or remove these problem/ difficulties mentioned above.
Under the circumstances represented above, you are requested to take effective and necessary steps for improving their living standard and for securing their life from continuous danger. So that they can get due opportunity in respect to higher education, training, rehabilitation, games and sports, and cultural services along with other facilities, they required.
For this purpose, any kinds of financial assistance from you, or your institution or from your country people; those who are dedicated heart for the Disable Handicapped People of Bangladesh. In this connection, any endeavor/initiative taken from your side will be highly appreciable. If you have any query on this, Please let us know. We look forward your prompt response.
With best regards
Mr. Aiub Ali
CRPD Blind School (project)
Center for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) .

About CRPD

Center for Rehabilitation of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD) is a non profitable social welfare-oriented services organization for the disable, was founded by Engr. Mohd. Shaha Alam in the year 2001 in Dhaka Bangladesh.

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Center for Rehabilitation of Persons With Disabilities
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